Security Services & Solutions Customized for Your Needs

Skymetric is a security consulting firm positioned to deliver strategic security solutions to a broader range of clients. We are a Veteran founded security firm providing custom, adaptable security solutions to keep your world operating smoothly.

Skymetric offers customized physical and digital security assessments of offices, schools, residences and travel destinations to identify vulnerabilities. Our team of experienced security professionals provide expert analysis, automated solutions, and tailored services.


Our physical security team ensure clients stay steps ahead of potential problems by consistently monitoring and assessing risks while offering tailored services.


Physical Security Vulnerability Assessments (PSVA) are designed to review and report vulnerabilities of a client’s office, school, residence or vacation home. Our experts then provide custom recommendations to address the vulnerabilities identified in the PSVA.

Security Operations

Our team has extensive global experience working in security operations centers (SOCs) and understands the need for experienced personnel in government and corporate settings. Our team is ready to help augment your current staff, validate data analysis and threats, and install a complete SOC team when needed.

Personal Protection

Increased travel vulnerabilities require a focused level of preparation and monitoring. We provide our clients with critical insights regarding potential threats, current events, local and regional security trends. Additionally, we provide best-in-class executive protection services in any travel environment.


Our intelligence services team help clients stay steps ahead of potential problems by consistently monitoring and assessing risks while offering tailored services.

Online Security

Our digital threat profile monitoring solutions are structured to provide a consistent presence with quick reactions. Additionally, our experienced intelligence professionals assist our clients with risk analysis while structuring automated solutions and alerts.

Customized Security Solutions to Fit Your Goals

Our Intelligence & Investigations team offers unique expertise in intrusion detection, persistent monitoring, and technical or physical counter-surveillance. We understand that each situation has different needs and Skymetric is here to help determine the right solutions for you.

Our team is ready to discuss your situation and
design a custom solution for you.